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Eskuvo Helyszin A Balatonon Eskuvo Szervezes Anna Mate

Eskuvo Helyszin A Balatonon Eskuvo Szervezes Anna Mate


We discovered the crumbling company hotel of the Hungarian National Bank in 2005 and we immediately knew that we can make good things happen in such a lovely environment. We started our project two years later and although our plans have been changed several times, we regret nothing.

We renovated and enlarged the building, making it fit to become a home for the elderly. Our plans got changed several times and we ended up opening a hotel on the banks of Lake Balaton instead of a home for the elderly. Our only goal was that our guests should enjoy staying at our place. We seem to have succeeded. Every year, the same people came back, reassuring us that we our doing a good job! One of our main rules is that we are constantly looking for development and novelties. We built a wellness unit, we converted the rooms and enlargened the parking lot. Lake Balaton was luckily close enough to the building from the beginning.

Since 2013 more and more people have spotted the opportunity of getting married at our hotel, on the shore of Lake Balaton. At first we held the weddings in huge tents but that still put off some from their dream waterside ceremony. What if it is raining or it is windy, not to mention the extra costs. We then decided to completely refurbish the hotel’s panoramic event room. The panoramic views stayed, the room became bigger.

We would like you to be happy, which is why we are present from the first moment of planning until the last elated moment of the party! :)

Come and have your wedding at Lake Balaton!
We welcome you,
Anna and Máté
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