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Welcome nibbles

While the registrar gets ready, the guests can already test our chef. During the welcoming reception, we only offer home made nibbles. You can choose between our home made pogácsa (a type of Hungarian savory muffin) or finger food served on our home made, crunchy bread. The guest will never forget our home made sausage and our paprika chutney. When everybody has had enough to eat, the stage is open for the couple who play the main rolls today!



The dinner

There is no wedding dinner at Hotel Tópart without Hungarian-Mediterranean cooking, quality wines and professional service. We cook with great care, using the latest technology and offering our best wines for each course. You can decide whether you prefer a buffet, a selection of grilled meats or elegant table service for dinner. Also, no need to worry about your gluten- and lactose intolerant or vegetarian guests, they will not be left hungry. ;)

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